Albaniy Science Academy was established in 2nd February 2010 as a Boarding school. It is a science oriented school with Islamic background which is geared toward developing, educating and training future leader who are righteous, kind-hearted and altruistic under the spirit of Islamic culture and philosophy. It commenced at No. 2/4 Sama`ila Ahmad Road, Gaskiya layout, Zaria as Temporary site and Recently in its permanent site at No 59      Emir Road Gaskiya Layout Zaria , Kaduna Nigeria . The Total Population per Class Ranges from 30-35. Catchment Area: All over the Federation. Description of uniform: The nature of the uniform is a blue check and a blue trouser for Boys and Girls (long sleeve) that is for senior students while the junior students have a green check and a green trouser with Hijabs which is exclusive for the Girls.